March 16, 2005

EC's 'sordid accounting' damned in email from top auditor

The telegraph is covering the continued struggles of Mrs Andreasen, the woman chosen by the Prodi Commision after the mass resignation of 1999 when the rampant corruption of the previous Commision was finally made public. Unfortuantly they did not realise that getting an accountant to run their accounts department and asking her to try and root out the bad practices might actually lead to her actually doing that rather than just settling down on the gravy train like everybody else. It is also being coverered on the EU Referendum blog in several posts here here and here. Some good may have come out of this however as the EU is now going to replace the single book accountign system, which has been known as open to fraud since the 17th century, a system that is not even legal in some member states. Not that the EU has any particular problem with illegal actions so long as they further its course of political union and the creation of a single europe-wide state. The rampant institutional fraud of the Commission eurocrats is not the only way they waste vast sums of our money, there are all the little perks as well. Such as a creche that costs almost as much per child as Eton, hat-tip EU Serf. Of course if they had decided to use the creches that where already available in Belgium, but that of course would be to much of an anglo-saxon free market approach, it would have been more like £6,000 per year rather than the £20,000 that the special euro-creche costs. But apparently
"The standards are not Hilton Hotel, you won't find any gold taps, we have nothing to hide. We are simply following Belgian national standards."
Is it just me but for £20,000 a year I would expect the very best Hilton Hotel standards of creche. Where they just following the Belgian standards then why does it cost over 3 times more than a standard Belgian creche?


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